Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Oh, I'm So Sorry, I Forgot To Tell You ... Would You Like A Slice of Cake?

How's your tea, friends? Would you like a slice of cake to go with that? I have Victoria Sponge and Carrot Cake -- oh, good choice!

I'm so sorry, I forgot to tell you about why we're here, and introduce you to Brenda. Brenda is Pete's Mom. You'll probably be seeing a lot of her from now on. She's a very lovely lady.

However, San Francisco is a very expensive place to live. Pete is working, but when I first get out there, I won't be, necessarily. Pete and his Mom currently share an apartment, and the plan is that after Pete and I get married, that continues and I just get added to the mix. The same apartment, Brenda still living there along with Pete, we'll swap bedrooms but it'll be the three of us from almost Day One.

I was going to start this blog after I'd moved, hence the title. Then I had to start the blog early, so here we are. Wait until I tell that story!