Saturday, 19 July 2014

Summer's here!

The kids broke up from school yesterday. I went to the park with Older Son so he could blow of some steam. It was hot yesterday and I wasn't dressed for the weather. Still in Jeans in the middle of July. It reminded me of when Pete and I were on our road trip last year -- he's from San Francisco, where it's foggy, and not as warm as people generally think of when they think of California. Because people (myself formerly included) think of California and they think of Los Angeles. Where's it's really hot and sunny. Weather-wise, Pete likes it as per San Francisco.

On the first second day of our road trip, which was warmer-than-SF-but-not-in-the-same-league-as-LA, Pete opened the windows and let in a breeze. I shut the windows because I was then too cold. Pete turned the fan on because he was then too hot. I turned the fan off because I was then too cold. Pete opened the windows because he was then too hot. This went on for an hour.

Finally I said, just so we know how big of a difference we're working with here, please, just once, can we leave the windows shut and the fan off until I say that I'm too warm? It... took a while. Beyond the point where Pete was saying "I don't know if I can keep driving in this heat."

Yesterday... was hotter than that.